Global Freight

Global Freight

We offer flexible transport solutions by air, sea, road, rail as well as ancillary services such as warehousing, customs clearance and cargo insurance. Our expert multimodal teams serve thousands of customers from all over the world with the aim of providing the most optimal transport routes and connections to ensure safe and sound delivery of the cargo.

Our global freight solutions are reliable and competitive and are designed to contribute to the growth of your business.



Why Choose Us?

We blend our global capabilities with local knowledge. Knowing and understanding your specific supply chain needs is at the centre of our approach.


Hustle-free service


Focus on customer' needs


Flexibility of transport choices


One-stop-shop concept

Value-Added Services

  • Customs clearance

    It is a vital process where we ensure that all goods enter or leave customs zones in a correct and timely manner, minimising lead times and most importantly ensuring full conformity with customs laws and regulations.

  • Cargo insurance

    The transportation of goods across the world comes with certain risks. We strongly recommend considering insuring your cargo to protect the value of goods against potential losses which may occur during air, sea or land transportation.

  • Warehousing services

    All our transport products are complimented by flexible warehousing solutions whether you require it during the transit or/and at destination. The services are structured and designed to easily adapt to your unique circumstances and needs.

  • Integrated solutions

    Offering a wide spectrum of transport services, we aim to become your single logistics provider and thus assist you in achieving economy of scale. With our streamlined and cost-effective solutions, we can serve all your logistics requirements.

WorldWide Shipping

Borderless Logistics

Package Protection

Dedicated experts will ensure a smooth and quick introduction to our systems.

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